Mayara Felix

I am an economist interested in Development, Trade, and Labor.
I received a PhD in Economics from MIT in June 2021. Here is my CV.

Current and Upcoming Affiliations

2022-2023: Princeton University, Postdoc at IES.

2023-2024: Yale University, Postdoc at Cowles.

2024-2025 onwards: Yale University, Assistant Professor of Economics and Global Affairs, Department of Economics and Jackson School of Global Affairs.


Tax Administration versus Tax Rates: Evidence from Corporate Taxation in Indonesia, with M. Chatib Basri, Rema Hanna, and Benjamin Olken. Online Appendix. American Economic Review 2021, 111 (12): 3827-71. Summary video here.

Working Papers

Trade, Labor Market Concentration, and Wages (Job Market Paper). Slides here. Under review.

Labor Market Consequences of Domestic Outsourcing: Evidence from Legalization in Brazil, with Michael Wong.

Charter Schools and Suspensions: Evidence from Massachusetts Chapter 222. Online Appendix. MIT Blueprint Labs Discussion Paper #2020.10. Under review.